Please leave comments on the installation or application of the screen door handle.


Jeff Collingwood
08/09/2009 19:31

Bill, works great, thank you. It took my maybe 10 minutes to install.

Gene Cooper
08/09/2009 19:33

Works really well. A dremel tool is ideal for making the hole.


Roy Brotherton
08/09/2009 19:34

I recently purchased one on the slide screendoor latches, easy to install, works really well, and looks great!!!\
Comes with template, and all instructions........\

08/09/2009 19:42

I installed the door latch a month ago. It was easy to install, 20 minutes....I\'m slow. Works great as advertised, an eloquent solution that really works.

John Prather
08/28/2009 08:51

Simple idea, easy installation, and it looks good. Thanks for coming up with the idea and making it available to all.

09/16/2009 15:45

Fast delivery... easy installation (7 minutes), and it works fantastically! Having a sharp knife helps to finish off the drilled receptacle hole for the handle. Great Product!! Thanks Bill.


Jim Johnson
09/17/2009 10:25

Quick delivery
Great instructions
Fast Installation
Wonderful product

Thanks, Bill


09/17/2009 12:25


Thanks for the screen door opener handle. This was easy to install and can't believe such a simple product makes our life easier. Thanks again.

Wayne (racebum) administrator

Bill F
10/09/2009 17:38

A great idea Bill. That ME degree finally
paid off. Can you bring one to the TT game? I'll have the cash this time.

Have a safe trip.

Jim B.
05/17/2010 17:04

We picked up mail today, and our screen door mod from Bill Steele was in there. Another satisfied customer here - the install was a snap, the instructions were easy to understand. Even though I am a guy, I did read the instructions. Counting the reading time, I spent less than 5 minutes on this project. A quick cut with the Dremel, slide the handle in place, tighten it up. Done. Well, it took me a minute or so to clean up the plastic bits from the Dremel cut-out. ;) So, maybe more like 6 minutes.

Thanks, Bill, for this mod - makes the door feel more "home-like."

Best wishes,
Jim B.

08/17/2010 17:33

Nice mod. Heard about it on 15 minutes to install. Great instructions.

Gary Hooley
09/18/2010 14:51

Thanks!! What a great idea and implementation. Works perfectly!

Tim Hawkins
10/10/2010 09:06

Just thought I would let you know that, although this is a great item, it is not universal. After cutting the hole and installing it, the first time I closed the outer door, the actuator hit the outer door and fell apart. There was not enough room between the screen door and the outer door. I was able to remove the hollow rod and I cut about 5/8" off the short leg. I re-bent the rod, reassembled the actuator, reinserted the rod and epoxied it in. It works ok, but looks a little beat up. Perhaps you should state on your home page what distance you need between the screen door and outer door. I wouldn't have purchased your product if I had known. Now it's too late - I have a diamond shaped hole in my screen door slider. I'm not really satisfied.

Bill Steele
10/25/2010 19:42

Thanks for the suggestions and I apologize for all the extra work to get to a working handle. I have now listed 3 models of handles to cover a range of applications. You have the dubious honor of installing the Beta of the Model SDHK-0. Let me know how it works.


Tim Hawkins
10/27/2010 20:53

As a follow up to my original comment, I sent Bill pictures of my slider with a ruler to indicate depth, and he was kind enough to fabricate an opener to fit my door. I installed it this afternoon and it was a perfect fit. I see on his site that he manufactures openers for three door depths now. This is a great product, works as advertised and will save a lot of frustration with sliding that door panel. Thanks for great customer care, Bill. That's what business is all about.

Brad M
07/15/2011 13:36

Ran into this product by accident and wish I would have found it earlier. What a wonderful little tool. My girls (6 & 8) were always forgetting to shut the slider and the mosquitoes would just roll into the camper. Now, no more problems. Easy to install and even the wife loves it. Thanks Bill!

norty glover
08/21/2011 15:20

The screen latch on my new Jayco Eagle does not have the indentation on the sliding panel. Will this fit that type door?

Mike Beall
06/09/2012 10:08

Very easy to install. Works great!!!!! How in the world have we been able to live without it before? You have come up with a great product.

Thanks and God bless!

Jacob Vinton
09/06/2013 13:44

The product is not deep enough to reach the handle on my screen door. Thankfully I lined it up first without actually cutting my door. I sent Bill an email with a picture four days ago and tried calling him but the number he provides does not allow voice mails. Hopefully he is just out of town.

Thomas Welenc
10/25/2013 11:23

Received mine it was shipped assembled, no matter what I try I cannot get the nut to come off. I tried calling the phone number on your business card and get no answer or voice mail, sent you an email hopefully you can get me a new one

10/25/2013 11:29

You can email me directly at
Did you note that the nut is a left hand thread. This is a common mistake. If you are still having trouble, I will be glad to send a replacement. Bill


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